It Took Me 30 Years To Learn To Breathe Correctly


My name is Adam Stanecki. When I was a kid, I almost died from asthma. A few times.

My parents tell me it was awful.

I don’t recall being rushed to hospital. But I do recall struggling for air as a child. And being told I was different and not to stress my body.

I know that the doctors and the other adults were trying to help. But they ended up limiting me.

Since my teens, I’ve been on a journey to learn about breathing properly. Honestly, it’s been on and off. Teens and young adults do get distracted easily.

Well, it’s taken me over 30 years to get better at breathing.

I wish I’d known what I know now when I was a kid. It astounds me that most of us take breathing for granted.

Did you know that you breathe about 25,000 times a day?

Did you know that most people breathe too much and still feel like they’re out of breath?

Did you know that you can improve concentration, athletic performance, body composition, sexual performance, and even hypertension by learning to breathing correctly?

This simple act of taking air into and expelling it from our bodies is a massively untapped resource.

To learn what I’ve learned about breathing I’ve studied many martial arts, qigong, tai chi, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnosis, and breathwork. And I am still learning.

What would you be able to achieve if you had more energy, more focus, more endurance?

What if you could go stronger for longer in all aspects of your life?

I want to find out just what we are capable of when we truly breathe optimally.

I don’t have anything to sell you at the moment. But, if you are interested in learning more about harnessing this power within you, please leave your details below.

Be well,