Therapeutic Breathwork

Feel Better. Faster!

A Different Approach To Therapy

A Different Approach To Therapy

Unlock your own ability to heal and move past whatever is holding you back right now.

It’s like therapy but different.

Therapeutic breathwork can help you make rapid changes in your life.

You don’t have to sit and talk for hours and hours. 

You don’t need to answer questionnaires and complete countless exercises. 

All you really need is an open mind and the definite desire to make a change in your life.

What is therapeutic breathwork?

Therapeutic Breathwork is a unique method that allows you to tap into your own ability to change at a deep, fundamental level. 

Through focussed breathing you can bypass your overthinking mind, so that you can do the inner work that is essential for you to achieve lasting change.

This method is not about analysing or questioning or fixing, it’s about experiencing, feeling, accepting, and finding new ways to live your life in the way you want.

Therapeutic breathwork can help with many challenges including:

  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Anger
  • Depression 
  • Overwhelm
  • Life transitions 
  • Feeling stuck

What does it feel like?

If you had to ask me to describe the experience, I’d say it’s a little like hypnosis, a little like deep meditation, and a little like a plant medicine journey. And also a completely unique experience

Breathwork is a way to change states. That means that you shift your awareness away from logical thinking to a more intuitive, feeling state. This is a state that’s sometimes called an altered state of consciousness or a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

By changing your state, you are able to find new ways to move past whatever is challenging you. It’s the antidote to overthinking everything. And, for most people, most of the time, it works fast.

What can I expect?

  • Before your first session you receive clear information about what to expect from your experience.
  • When we first meet, you will be able to ask questions and speak into what you want to achieve with breathwork.
  • You will be shown some simple, introductory practices to familiarise yourself with the patterns used.
  • When you are ready you will be led into a breathing pattern that will help you work through what is important for you right now
  • You will be held safely and compassionately in a dedicated space of healing.
  • Each session is crafted for each client and takes into account many factors including experience, age, health, desired outcomes, and more.
  • Most sessions will be approximately two hours in duration, although this can vary by 30 minutes in either direction. There is always adequate time for each client to complete their own work.
  • During your session music and traditional instruments may be used to enhance your experience.
  • You will be allowed as much time as is necessary to integrate after your practice.
  • Ongoing support is always available.

Hello, I'm Adam.

My name is Adam Stanecki. I am a breathwork facilitator and breath coach.

My therapeutic work combines decades of experience and education across psychology, psychotherapy, breathwork, coaching, and other complementary modalities.

My approach to therapy and healing is to help each individual find their own way without relying on any one model or method.

I offer therapeutic breathwork because it is the fastest way to achieve a deep state of non-ordinary consciousness. It is in this state, without interference from the logical mind, that the greatest results are generated.

I would be honoured to hold space for your work and journey.

I understand that you really do have to connect with whoever holds space for you, you are most welcome to contact me before you book your session.

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All sessions allow two full hours so that you can go as deep as you need to find your way to feeling better.

The session includes practice education, intention setting, breathwork, integration, and discussion (as required).

The exchange is $250 ex. GST

Sessions are held in person in Sunshine Beach.

Appointments are now available.

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